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Chanson Violet Countertop Water Ionizer

Chanson Violet Countertop Water Ionizer

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Own a water ionizer at a low price but offers many of the same basic features and functions as our higher-end water ionizers.

  • 5 Electrode Plates
  • Lower Wattage with Optimal Performance
  • The Violet Makes Some of the Highest and Lowest pH Levels of Any Ionizer
  • Onboard 5 Micron Chemical-Free Filter
  • Easy touch control screen
  • pH consistency
  • Self-clean function
  • Auto-Adjust function
  • Auto Shut-off function
  • Easy to use

Chanson Violet Counter Top Water Ionizer requires less power than any other brand, without sacrificing performance. Chanson engineers have learned in over 20 years of servicing and manufacturing ionizers that you can’t have both high wattage and long plate life, and that anything over 180 watts will dramatically reduce the life of the plates–regardless of plate quality or coating methods. 

How durable is it?

The five solid titanium plates on the Chanson Violet water ionizer are nano-plated with platinum and have been independently lab tested at 99.998% pure titanium! Well-designed and proven durability of electro-plated platinum ensure you get the best ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) alteration and functional durability throughout the life of the ionizer.

PH Levels = 3.4 – 10.7 (at full flow with no chemical alternation – can be made stronger by reducing water flow)

Please note: ORP and PH always depend on the water source and vary as with any brand. Water was tested in Laguna Hills, CA.


Each Chanson Counter Top Water Ionizer Violet includes the ff:

  • FREE Quick Start Users Guide by Ronnie Ruiz (includes tips you won’t find anywhere else!)
  • FREE Installation DVD with a step-by-step demonstration for your ionizer by Ronnie Ruiz
  • FREE Faucet Adapter, Tubing, and Connectors to help make your installation as easy as possible
  • FREE pH Test Kit so that you can personally test your water levels and demonstrate the power of Chanson water to others!
  • FREE Citric Acid Sample for cleaning your Violet
  • A Chanson Owners Manual, your official welcome to the Chanson family!


You can easily change the filter!

Chanson Violet Counter Top Ionizer uses the same filter as all of our other ionizers. It is a compressed carbon block that is silver impregnated to prevent mold growth. It filters chlorine, lead, bad taste, and odor. The filter will last for 3000-5000 gallons, or 12 months, whichever comes first. This filter gets the job done, but we recommend always pre-filtering the water first.

Remaining life filter notification:

The remaining water life filter will be auto-adjusted according to your water quality. The LCD screen displays the remaining life filter, reminding you to change your filter when necessary.

Why do customers choose Chanson Ionizers?

  • Chanson is the only water ionizer manufacturer that produces 100% health products.  They focus entirely on health products. It is safer to buy from a health company. They are a company of ethics and integrity and will never sacrifice quality for profits.
  • The Violet has a full 3-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • They provide a full line of advanced alkaline water ionizers, water filters, filter replacements, and cartridges to meet your families’ water, ionization, and purification needs.
  • Chanson Water is a member of the Water Quality Association.
  • Chanson Water cares with hazardous substances (RoHS)
  • Chanson Water is anti-bacteria certified

Package Options:

Basic -

Miracle Counter Top Water Ionizer. Core Essentials


Miracle Counter Top Water Ionizer and Pre-Filter


Miracle Counter Top Water Ionizer, Pre-Filter with Armor

Imperial -

 Miracle Counter Top Water Ionizer, Pre-Filter, Armor, and G2


Miracle Counter Top Water Ionizer, Pre-Filter, Armor, G2, and Shower Filter

Product Specifications:

  • Filter Life: 20000 Liters (approximately 10 – 12 months of use)
  • Temperatures: 5 – 40 degrees Celcius
  • Water Pressure: 5 – 95 PSI
  • Input: 220V / 50Hz – 110V / 6Hz
  • Power Consumption: 5w – 150w
  • Filter: Chanson PJ-6000 Replacement Filter
  • Dimensions: Main Unit: 4.72 inches deep x 8.86 inches wide x 13 inches tall
  • Effective Flow Rate: 2.0 – 2.5 liters per minute at 45 PSI water pressure
  • PH Levels: 2.5 to 11.7 in Laguna Hills, CA source water
  • ORP Levels: +1,000 to -825
  • Number of Plates: 5 platinum-coated plates
  • Weight: 12.0 lbs


  • Model: 4208435
  • Manufacturer #: A036124B
  • UPC#: 082901153016
  • Keyword: AERATOR ADAPTER 15/16″ML
  • Description: ACE AERATOR ADAPTER 15/16 27 thread Male Blister pack

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