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My wife and I lived in New Harmony, Utah and we had a friend from Church who was suffering from inflammatory gout. He was only 45 years old, and had dealt with this condition off and on in the past. At that time, he was using a wheelchair to get around, so I told him about the Ion Detox Machine. I offered to let him use it daily in his home. He gratefully accepted my offer, and I took the machine to his home and showed him how to use it. (It's very easy)

I saw him Sunday at church, and he was using a walker. He said his foot (Right foot and large toe) was feeling much better. He said that before he used the Ion Detox machine, even the bed sheets touching his large toe would cause extreme pain. After a week of daily treatments with ion detoxes he was able to put his feet under the covers. The next Sunday, he was able to get up from his wheel-chair and walk with the aid of a walker. The following Sunday, he was at church walking with a cane, and the Sunday after that, he was walking on his own.