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Boils on Fingers

I had a rancher come into my office with three or four boils on each finger of his hand. He needed help from the receptionist to fill out his paperwork because he could not bend his fingers and write. History: The patient had used DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) on his horses and had never worn protective gloves. He had rubbed the DMSO generously into his horse's front legs with both of his hands. This had been going on for over the past year. 

His fingers and the palms of his hands had two, three and sometimes four boils on each one. All of the boils were oozing yellow puss, which assaulted ones nostrils. 

He had gone to his medical doctor and had been given a prescription for infection. I asked him if he had mentioned to his Doctor in what way he had been using the DMSO. He said he told his doctor, but the doctor said the antibiotics would take care of it.

He had taken the antibiotics for two weeks, and his hands were still covered in boils. It was my opinion, that he was exhibiting toxic poisoning from using the DMSO. He should have used gloves, because by using the DMSO with his hands over and over without any protection, it had been absorbed into his system and had nowhere else to go but through his skin.

He couldn't bend his fingers due to the extreme stiffness and pain. I administered an Ion Detox, and instead of placing his feet in the water I had him put both of his hands in the basin of water. He yelled with pain as his hands were submersed under the water. 

After a 30 minute session, you should have seen the ugly black, brown and green goop that was on top of the water. The scum was almost an inch high and soupy.

When he took his hands out of the water, he said he was out of pain. He then began to bend his fingers and thumbs freely.

I had him come back for further sessions to continue to pull the rest of the accumulated DMSO toxins out from his body.