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Success Stories

Brain Fog

I had the radio announcer for KSUB in Cedar City, Utah come to my office for an Ion Detox.

Bryan didn't say why he wanted a detox. I had known him, because I had my own talk show with KSUB for over the past 8 years and he was the host many times.

After his 30 minute ionic detox session, Brian said, "Doc, I don't know what happened, but I can think more clearly. When I came in, I had Brain Fog. This morning when I was "On the Air" I had trouble speaking and remembering certain events. After that detox I feel like I can think clearer."

Brown Recluse Spider

When I first started using the Ion Detox Machine, the word spread like wildfire in our area. I started seeing patients day in and day out for ionic detoxes.

One patient I had was an 80 year old retired Attorney from Denver, Colorado. He came all the way from Denver, having been referred by a friend of his in our area.

History: He had been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider on his right hand. I don't remember when it had occurred, but his ligaments and muscles of his damaged hand were ghastly to look at.

He said, "My doctors have put me on powerful antibiotics over a long period of time and they say that I am now healed. But, Doctor Cooper I am not healed. I feel a terrible sickness in my entire body. I told this to my Medical Doctor and he said it was just my age. But, I know my body, and I know how I have felt in the past before I got bitten and how I feel now."

I put him on a schedule of care. I saw him daily for one week and then three times a week for three weeks and then two times a week for four weeks.

On his eighteenth visit he reported that he was feeling wonderful, and, that was even feeling better than prior to his spider bite.

Body Odor and Urine Retention

Recently (May 2019) I had a 59 year old single male who had been divorced for 20 years who come to me for care. He heard about my Ionic Detox machine and asked if it might help him.

History: For the past 15 years he had a Body Odor that smelled somewhat like an acidic smell. He also had to urinate every half hour. He couldn't go to many functions, because he would always have to leave to go to the bathroom and he didn't dare sit next to someone because of his body odor.

He had subbed as a teacher at an elementary school. He said, "Little children will tell you exactly how it is." The children would say, "Teacher, you stink." I finally had to tell them if they wanted to speak to me that there was an imaginary circle around me and they couldn't enter my circle. If they were far enough away from me they couldn't smell me.

He tried the Ionic Detox and I did a few other things, however, the main thing he used was the IonizeMe Maxx machine. After a few sessions, he started to notice that he could hold his urine longer in his bladder. One of his family members asked him what he had been doing. He asked, 'Why?" He was told that his acid smell was going away.

This man bought an IonizeMe Maxx and used it three times a week. He said after two months he could hold his urine for a couple of hours before he had to empty his bladder. Also, his body odor cleared up. The good news: he met a wonderful woman and they are now happily married.

Compression Stockings

A 78 year old male complained of having low back pain and pain in his lower legs. Most of the time he felt as if he were wearing compression stockings up to his knees, and would feel as if both feet were weighed down and swollen.

Upon examination there was no swelling in his feet or legs. I did a lumbar range of motion test in all directions, and he did have some pain and loss of motion.

I sent him to the hospital for x-rays and the x-rays showed that he had disc degeneration in three of his lumbar discs, and a lot of arthritis in his lower spine.

I referred him to an orthopedic specialist for further evaluation. Meanwhile, before he had his appointment with the specialist, the pain in his lower back stopped, but he still kept his appointment.

The diagnosis from his Medical doctor was 'Disc Degeneration' at three levels of his back and a lot of arthritis. The doctor suggested shots in his back for relief of pain, and if that didn't help, then he would need surgery. His doctor had no diagnosis for his pain and pressure in his feet and legs. He thought it may be due to the degeneration of the nerves in his lower back.

The patient returned to my office without any back pain, but still had no relief from the pain in his feet and legs. He repeatedly said that it felt like his feet and ankles were going to burst due to the pressure, and it felt like he was wearing compression stockings.

The patient had never tried an ionic detox and I didn't know if a detox session would help, so I suggested that he try one at no charge.

After his first 30 minute session the man was elated. The pressure was released from his feet and legs. After a week, the pressure started to return and the patient immediately had another ion detox session. The patient bought an IonizeMe Maxx Detox machine and now detoxes on a regular basis which keeps the pressure from returning, and he also has had no further back pain.

Inflammatory Gout

My wife and I lived in New Harmony, Utah and we had a friend from Church who was suffering from inflammatory gout. He was only 45 years old, and had dealt with this condition off and on in the past. At that time, he was using a wheelchair to get around, so I told him about the Ion Detox Machine. I offered to let him use it daily in his home. He gratefully accepted my offer, and I took the machine to his home and showed him how to use it. (It's very easy)


I saw him Sunday at church, and he was using a walker. He said his foot (Right foot and large toe) was feeling much better. He said that before he used the Ion Detox machine, even the bed sheets touching his large toe would cause extreme pain. After a week of daily treatments with ion detoxes he was able to put his feet under the covers. The next Sunday, he was able to get up from his wheel-chair and walk with the aid of a walker. The following Sunday, he was at church walking with a cane, and the Sunday after that, he was walking on his own.


Large Spot on Liver

I had an 82 year old male patient who had heard of the ion-detox machine from his friends and he wanted use it to see if it would help his condition.

He was not in for chiropractic care but wanted to see if the detox sessions would reduce a spot that was on his liver.

History: His doctor found a spot on his liver and it was cancer. He was being treated with cancer chemo drugs and he didn't want to take them. However in order for him to see his doctor he had to obey his doctor or he would not take him as a patient.

The patient told me would have the chemo drugs in his body, but after two days he wanted them pulled out.

I put him on a treatment program of twenty ion detox sessions.

On the 18th visit he came to my office all excited and said that his doctor had ordered another MRI and his doctor reported that he couldn't find any spot on his liver.

My patient enthusiastically told his doctor what he had been doing, but his doctor told him that the ion detox was nonsense and the drugs had healed his body.

Formaldehyde Poisoning

I had a 25 year old male that was referred to my office for the Ion Detox machine. He had an ulcer on the bottom of his left foot and he had been in the hospital for three weeks and it had finally healed. As soon as he was out of the hospital and walking on his foot, the skin tore and opened up exactly where the ulcer was previously. It started bleeding profusely and eventually the skin sloughed off, and his old problem returned. The medical doctors wanted to amputate his foot because they couldn't get his foot to heal.

Since he hadn't any success by staying in the hospital, he tried self medication and home treatment with no success. By the time he came to my office he had a 2 inch diameter hole in the bottom of his left foot almost to the bone.

When he entered my office we had to open our doors in the front and at the back of the building to try and disperse the smell of rotting tissue.

His history was that he had worked at a plywood plant where they used formaldehyde in the glue used for compressing the plywood.

I asked about his boots and he said he had old boots that were well worn with cracks on the bottoms of the soles. He said that at the end of each day, his socks were wet when he took off his boots.

It was my opinion that he had stood in the formaldehyde and it was absorbed into his body through his boots.

I told him that before he did anything as radical as amputation, I wanted to try and pull the toxins out of his body by using the Ion Detox machine and let his foot heal from the inside out rather than from the outside in when he was in the hospital.

I saw him daily at 8:00 am for a week. He was the first patient to be seen. We were concerned about the smell because it was over powering and sickening. I put him in a separate room next to the back door which we kept wide open, and closed the other doors that went to the front part of the clinic. I then saw him three times a week for a month and then twice a week for the next month.

During the two months of care using the Ion Detox, the wound continued to heal and became smaller with each session until it had healed over completely. He was released with no further problems.

It's wonderful to see what happens when the toxins are removed from the body. All cancer and diabetic patients are highly acidic.



In the mid 2000s we live in Cedar City, Utah. We had a granddaughter who wanted to enter a Utah beauty contest. However, she had acne on her face. It wasn't that bad, but it would definitely hinder her chances. She was a beautiful girl and wanted very much to enter.

My son asked what I thought about her using my Ion Detox machine. I felt if she used it faithfully it would make a difference.

My granddaughter used it first for three times a week and then twice a week and then once a week. I think she used it for over two months. Upon her completion of using the machine, her acne was totally gone and with no scars. She went on to enter the beauty contest.

To this day, her facial skin is so clear and it reminds me of porcelain skin, it is so beautiful.


Hundreds of Fatty Tumors

While we live in New Harmony, Utah I had a building contractor come to my office complaining of pain in his joints. He said that the pain had been coming on for the past two or three years. Lately it was very difficult for him to do any type of work. He had to hire out laborers when building his homes and it took away much of his profit. His wife worked alongside of him and she was his first and second hands while he was having all of these problems. 

He had came to me for Chiropractic care, however when I did my examination I noticed that he had small lumps or tumors on his arms. I asked him about the tumors he said he had hundreds of them all over his body. He removed his shirt and on his front and back and around his stomach was small tumors of different sizes. We counted 203 fatty tumors. They mostly were round or oblong in size and all under two inches in diameter. Where he lived he also said he owned a small farm. He bailed his own alfalfa hay, and sold it. I decided that I would go into his history a bit more thorough and question him about his work. I learned that he painted his own homes, sprayed his own alfalfa with pesticides, and I also learned that he worked with a friend of his in the past in laying down pavement for driveways. 

For years He had been breathing in the fumes from painting, spraying and from the tar from the pavement. He had an accumulation of toxins in his system over the years and had been contaminated. 

He did need some chiropractic care which was corrected in a few visits. However, I talked to him about his past accumulation of toxins from his work environment and the need to detoxify his system. You should have seen the large amount of sediment that was on top of the water after his detox. He said he even felt better. I started him out on a program, of three times a week, and about three weeks later he said that his fatty tumors were getting smaller and softer. Over a 6 month period most of his fatty tumors has dissipated and only a few remained.

When an older patient came in for care and the complained about pain in their joints and overall muscle pain, I always asked them what type of employment did they did in their earlier years. There are those whose work environments have created a lot of toxic contamination to their bodies. Many who have worked in the oil fields, and those who professions have put them in harm's way by using toxic materials or spraying pesticides. There are cancerous toxic fumes from PVC pipe, glues, and asbestos and from so many other substances.

Ion Detox is a must. All Cancer and diabetic patients are acidic. We all have had an accumulation of toxins over our lifetimes.


Metal Poisoning

This was the only case that I ever had where this type of color was after an ion detox.

I had a retired 65 year old welder who had been in the welding trade for over 45 years. He had breathed in carbon toxins over all of those years. When I administered his ion detox, the scum and large bubbles on top of the water were light colored black with shiny black specks on top of the bubbles. (Release of heavy metals)


Oxycontin Addiction

While I had my Chiropractic practice in Cedar City, Utah, I had a 38 year old man who worked a few buildings down from my office come in for an Ion Detox treatment. 

He said that he had been in an accident some time ago and Oxycontin had been prescribed by his doctor, and he had become addicted to it. He had tried to kick the habit but did not have the will power so he decided that he would go to a detox facility. He was afraid if he went to a detox facility in our area that someone would know him and the word would get around that he was an addict. 

He found a place in Florida where he could check-in to a detox facility in one of the cities. He flew to the city and checked in at the facility. He said after three days he left the facility because he could not take the withdrawals. Upon arrival in Cedar City, he came immediately to my office asking if my detox treatments would be able to help him.

I told him that I could not guarantee anything, and if he had a treatment is was up to him. But I told him, it the detox machine pulled the drugs from his body he would go into withdrawals. He was at that point to where he would do anything.

I did the 30 minute detox session and before he was out the door he was starting to feel woozy. His wife was waiting in her car to take him home.

He called me the following day and said when he went home he collapsed in his bed and had a fitful night' s sleep. When he awoke, he said his bed sheets were soaked to where he could almost wring water out of them. He said, "I feel great." I never saw him again, although he should have had more treatments.


Itchy-Painful Feet

I had a sixty-nine year old woman who had purchased an Ion Detox machine as a last resort to help control her feet pain and itchiness. Her main problem started when she had a serious lower back operation where screws and metal stabilizers were attached to her vertebrae in order to stabilize her spine.

The operation was not successful. Over the months after the operation she started to have pain radiating from her lower back, left hip and down into her leg. Over time the pain manifested itself into her shins, ankles, feet and toes along with extreme itchiness.

She used her Ion Detox machine when her pain and itchiness were at their maximum, and it was then when her pain and itchiness subsided. As long as she did her Ion Detox on a regular basis it helped ward off her foot pain and itchiness.

She said at times she was too busy with life and she forgot about doing an Ion Detox. However she was quickly reminded when the pain and itchiness returned, and she used her Detox machine.

Boils on Fingers

I had a rancher come into my office with three or four boils on each finger of his hand. He needed help from the receptionist to fill out his paperwork because he could not bend his fingers and write. History: The patient had used DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) on his horses and had never worn protective gloves. He had rubbed the DMSO generously into his horse's front legs with both of his hands. This had been going on for over the past year. 

His fingers and the palms of his hands had two, three and sometimes four boils on each one. All of the boils were oozing yellow puss, which assaulted ones nostrils. 

He had gone to his medical doctor and had been given a prescription for infection. I asked him if he had mentioned to his Doctor in what way he had been using the DMSO. He said he told his doctor, but the doctor said the antibiotics would take care of it.

He had taken the antibiotics for two weeks, and his hands were still covered in boils. It was my opinion, that he was exhibiting toxic poisoning from using the DMSO. He should have used gloves, because by using the DMSO with his hands over and over without any protection, it had been absorbed into his system and had nowhere else to go but through his skin.

He couldn't bend his fingers due to the extreme stiffness and pain. I administered an Ion Detox, and instead of placing his feet in the water I had him put both of his hands in the basin of water. He yelled with pain as his hands were submersed under the water. 

After a 30 minute session, you should have seen the ugly black, brown and green goop that was on top of the water. The scum was almost an inch high and soupy.

When he took his hands out of the water, he said he was out of pain. He then began to bend his fingers and thumbs freely.

I had him come back for further sessions to continue to pull the rest of the accumulated DMSO toxins out from his body.

Yeast Infection

I had a woman with a severe yeast infection come for treatment, when the detox session started there appeared a white color on top of the water that looked like frosty snow. It remained there for about 10 minutes and then slowly changed to another color. After 4 detox sessions her severe yeast infection was brought under control.