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Compression Stockings

A 78 year old male complained of having low back pain and pain in his lower legs. Most of the time he felt as if he were wearing compression stockings up to his knees, and would feel as if both feet were weighed down and swollen.

Upon examination there was no swelling in his feet or legs. I did a lumbar range of motion test in all directions, and he did have some pain and loss of motion.

I sent him to the hospital for x-rays and the x-rays showed that he had disc degeneration in three of his lumbar discs, and a lot of arthritis in his lower spine.

I referred him to an orthopedic specialist for further evaluation. Meanwhile, before he had his appointment with the specialist, the pain in his lower back stopped, but he still kept his appointment.

The diagnosis from his Medical doctor was 'Disc Degeneration' at three levels of his back and a lot of arthritis. The doctor suggested shots in his back for relief of pain, and if that didn't help, then he would need surgery. His doctor had no diagnosis for his pain and pressure in his feet and legs. He thought it may be due to the degeneration of the nerves in his lower back.

The patient returned to my office without any back pain, but still had no relief from the pain in his feet and legs. He repeatedly said that it felt like his feet and ankles were going to burst due to the pressure, and it felt like he was wearing compression stockings.

The patient had never tried an ionic detox and I didn't know if a detox session would help, so I suggested that he try one at no charge.

After his first 30 minute session the man was elated. The pressure was released from his feet and legs. After a week, the pressure started to return and the patient immediately had another ion detox session. The patient bought an IonizeMe Maxx Detox machine and now detoxes on a regular basis which keeps the pressure from returning, and he also has had no further back pain.