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Large Spot on Liver

I had an 82 year old male patient who had heard of the ion-detox machine from his friends and he wanted use it to see if it would help his condition.

He was not in for chiropractic care but wanted to see if the detox sessions would reduce a spot that was on his liver.

History: His doctor found a spot on his liver and it was cancer. He was being treated with cancer chemo drugs and he didn't want to take them. However in order for him to see his doctor he had to obey his doctor or he would not take him as a patient.

The patient told me would have the chemo drugs in his body, but after two days he wanted them pulled out.

I put him on a treatment program of twenty ion detox sessions.

On the 18th visit he came to my office all excited and said that his doctor had ordered another MRI and his doctor reported that he couldn't find any spot on his liver.

My patient enthusiastically told his doctor what he had been doing, but his doctor told him that the ion detox was nonsense and the drugs had healed his body.