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Itchy-Painful Feet

I had a sixty-nine year old woman who had purchased an Ion Detox machine as a last resort to help control her feet pain and itchiness. Her main problem started when she had a serious lower back operation where screws and metal stabilizers were attached to her vertebrae in order to stabilize her spine.

The operation was not successful. Over the months after the operation she started to have pain radiating from her lower back, left hip and down into her leg. Over time the pain manifested itself into her shins, ankles, feet and toes along with extreme itchiness.

She used her Ion Detox machine when her pain and itchiness were at their maximum, and it was then when her pain and itchiness subsided. As long as she did her Ion Detox on a regular basis it helped ward off her foot pain and itchiness.

She said at times she was too busy with life and she forgot about doing an Ion Detox. However she was quickly reminded when the pain and itchiness returned, and she used her Detox machine.