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Oxycontin Addiction

While I had my Chiropractic practice in Cedar City, Utah, I had a 38 year old man who worked a few buildings down from my office come in for an Ion Detox treatment. 

He said that he had been in an accident some time ago and Oxycontin had been prescribed by his doctor, and he had become addicted to it. He had tried to kick the habit but did not have the will power so he decided that he would go to a detox facility. He was afraid if he went to a detox facility in our area that someone would know him and the word would get around that he was an addict. 

He found a place in Florida where he could check-in to a detox facility in one of the cities. He flew to the city and checked in at the facility. He said after three days he left the facility because he could not take the withdrawals. Upon arrival in Cedar City, he came immediately to my office asking if my detox treatments would be able to help him.

I told him that I could not guarantee anything, and if he had a treatment is was up to him. But I told him, it the detox machine pulled the drugs from his body he would go into withdrawals. He was at that point to where he would do anything.

I did the 30 minute detox session and before he was out the door he was starting to feel woozy. His wife was waiting in her car to take him home.

He called me the following day and said when he went home he collapsed in his bed and had a fitful night' s sleep. When he awoke, he said his bed sheets were soaked to where he could almost wring water out of them. He said, "I feel great." I never saw him again, although he should have had more treatments.