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Body Odor and Urine Retention

Recently (May 2019) I had a 59 year old single male who had been divorced for 20 years who come to me for care. He heard about my Ionic Detox machine and asked if it might help him.

History: For the past 15 years he had a Body Odor that smelled somewhat like an acidic smell. He also had to urinate every half hour. He couldn't go to many functions, because he would always have to leave to go to the bathroom and he didn't dare sit next to someone because of his body odor.

He had subbed as a teacher at an elementary school. He said, "Little children will tell you exactly how it is." The children would say, "Teacher, you stink." I finally had to tell them if they wanted to speak to me that there was an imaginary circle around me and they couldn't enter my circle. If they were far enough away from me they couldn't smell me.

He tried the Ionic Detox and I did a few other things, however, the main thing he used was the IonizeMe Maxx machine. After a few sessions, he started to notice that he could hold his urine longer in his bladder. One of his family members asked him what he had been doing. He asked, 'Why?" He was told that his acid smell was going away.

This man bought an IonizeMe Maxx and used it three times a week. He said after two months he could hold his urine for a couple of hours before he had to empty his bladder. Also, his body odor cleared up. The good news: he met a wonderful woman and they are now happily married.