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Formaldehyde Poisoning

I had a 25 year old male that was referred to my office for the Ion Detox machine. He had an ulcer on the bottom of his left foot and he had been in the hospital for three weeks and it had finally healed. As soon as he was out of the hospital and walking on his foot, the skin tore and opened up exactly where the ulcer was previously. It started bleeding profusely and eventually the skin sloughed off, and his old problem returned. The medical doctors wanted to amputate his foot because they couldn't get his foot to heal.

Since he hadn't any success by staying in the hospital, he tried self medication and home treatment with no success. By the time he came to my office he had a 2 inch diameter hole in the bottom of his left foot almost to the bone.

When he entered my office we had to open our doors in the front and at the back of the building to try and disperse the smell of rotting tissue.

His history was that he had worked at a plywood plant where they used formaldehyde in the glue used for compressing the plywood.

I asked about his boots and he said he had old boots that were well worn with cracks on the bottoms of the soles. He said that at the end of each day, his socks were wet when he took off his boots.

It was my opinion that he had stood in the formaldehyde and it was absorbed into his body through his boots.

I told him that before he did anything as radical as amputation, I wanted to try and pull the toxins out of his body by using the Ion Detox machine and let his foot heal from the inside out rather than from the outside in when he was in the hospital.

I saw him daily at 8:00 am for a week. He was the first patient to be seen. We were concerned about the smell because it was over powering and sickening. I put him in a separate room next to the back door which we kept wide open, and closed the other doors that went to the front part of the clinic. I then saw him three times a week for a month and then twice a week for the next month.

During the two months of care using the Ion Detox, the wound continued to heal and became smaller with each session until it had healed over completely. He was released with no further problems.

It's wonderful to see what happens when the toxins are removed from the body. All cancer and diabetic patients are highly acidic.