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MLS and HPR Detox Package by APLGO

APLGO-Plant DNA Lozenge Drops Kit for Detox

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Revitalize Your Body and Enhance Liver Wellness with HPR and MLS DNA Lozenge Drop!

  • Enhance the Health of Your Liver, Pancreas, and Digestive System with Natural Plant DNA Extracts
  • Cleanse Your Body with HPR and MLS DNA Lozenge Drops and Save Money!
  • The World's First Rapid-Acting Plant DNA Lozenge Drops with Instant Absorption
  • Achieve 100% Nutrient Bioavailability with Our State-of-the-Art Plant Nano-Particle Extraction Process
  • Enhance Your Detoxification Routine: Recommended for Use in Combination with Ionic Detox

What Are HPR and MLS DNA Lozenge Drops?

HPR and MLS incorporate plant DNA extracts sourced from diverse botanicals, which have undergone scientific validation for their detoxification benefits. HPR specifically safeguards and rejuvenates vital organs such as the liver and pancreas. Meanwhile, MLS promotes gastrointestinal well-being and supports overall bodily functions by providing a rich array of nutrients. When used together, HPR and MLS synergistically enhance the body’s detoxification processes. They are also recommended to be used in combination with ionic detox. Additionally, these lozenges are compliant with FDA, TUV, Kosher, Halal, and more than 30 international quality standards.

How Does Acumullit SA Technology Work?

Acumullit SA technology is a breakthrough method that preserves and enhances the beneficial properties of whole food botanical ingredients. Through a cutting-edge extraction process, botanical compounds are activated, allowing nanoparticles of the active compounds to be isolated from the plant without any other substances. This process thins the cellular membranes of fruits, herbs, and seeds, releasing botanical components such as micro and macro elements, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, and organic acids, thereby increasing their bioavailability.

These isolated particles form negatively charged nanoelements, creating an activated mix of highly absorbable nutrients. This activated mix of preserved and enhanced whole food plant extracts is then incorporated into a caramel mass to produce the lozenge drops.

How to Use HPR and MLS DNA Lozenge Drops?

Simply dissolve one of each lozenge in your mouth to unlock the benefits of Acumullit SA technology. This innovative process enhances the potency and bioavailability of botanical ingredients, ensuring you receive maximum benefits with ease.

Don't miss out! HPR and MLS DNA lozenge drops are the go-to supplements for detoxifying your body and enhancing liver health. Crafted with the groundbreaking Acumullit SA technology, these drops ensure the botanical ingredients are at their most potent and bioavailable. Grab yours now and experience the ultimate in wellness support!

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