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IonizeMe Foot Detox System Complete Business Package with Business Consult

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Be Wealthy and Healthy with your Ionic Foot Bath Detox Business Package!

šŸŒŸ Choose at Your Convenience: We offer three fantastic options or packages tailored to your needs.

IonizeMe Maxx 5 - the most powerful detox system, 21 Volts and 5 Amps Actual Output

IonizeMe Maxx Dual- the robust detoxification machine in the market

  • Output up to 21 Volts and 2.2 Amperages of direct current- to optimize the ionization or electrolysis.
  • 2 User in one unit- Two people can enjoy the benefits of negative ions at a time.
  • Options to Choose the Maxx 5 Units, which is 5 amps machine to Power up the Ionization.
  • This machine has a heavy-duty grounded 3 prong power cable to provide a safe power pathway from your wall outlet to your machine
  • Have passed FCC conductive emission and radiated emission tests
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 years warranty protection
  • With Free business consultation with our ionic detox specialist Dr. Cooper
  • Easy to start a business with our comprehensive guide (Marketing, Finances, Legal Information To keep your customers Back )

The Business Package comes with:

Business Pack with IonizeMe Maxx 5 or Business Pack with 2 IonizeMe Maxx 5 Units orĀ IonizeMe Maxx Dual Machine (Your choice of Machine )

Additional Income Guide forĀ Wellness ProfessionalsĀ (paper and digital versions)

Launch your Ionic Foot Detox Complete Guide

Ionizing Arrays-Ā Ā 4 blue Maxx 5-Arrays with Maxx 5 Units and 10 Round Arrays with Maxx Dual.

FIR Belt(s) - 2 Far Infrared Belts for Maxx Dual and 2 Maxx 5 Units. 1 FIR Belt for Maxx 5 Single.

White Foot Tub Basin - 2 tubs for Dual and 2 Maxx 5 Units and 1 tub for Maxx 5 Single

400 disposable liners

2 lbs. cleaning solution

2 Cleaning Jars

20 Ionize Me Booklet

Footbath poster

1 pound Himalayan salt




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