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Thomas Jefferson Clark Highly Concentrated Plant Derived Colloidal Signature Liquid Minerals - 8.45 oz (250 ml) - 280mg Minerals Per Serving

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Thomas Jefferson Clark Signature Liquid Minerals is highly concentrated trace minerals that is 100% Natural plant, derived with highly absorbable 72 kinds of Colloidal Minerals! 

The Best Mineral Replenishment after Detoxification!

  • USA Made
  • The only true Original Since 1926
  • 280g of pure Minerals per 1/4oz of serving
  • Highly concentrated
  • Pure Organic Mineral Supplements
  • With 72 colloidal minerals in purified water
  • Derived from an ancient natural deposit 
  • From the original Clark Mine
  • Affordable Price
  • Herbicide and Pesticide FREE

Facts about Thomas Jefferson Clark Signature Colloidal Minerals

Thomas Jefferson Clark legendary liquid minerals supplement is comprised of a unique, synergistic mixtures of 72 randomly occurring, natural plant derived, trace minerals.

It is the world's premier source of organically derived colloidal trace minerals in natural combinations and balance as produced by mother nature, no synthetic substances, no chemicals, no coloring or preservatives are added. It was formulated to actively assist the body to correctly restore and to maintain proper cellular function, thus boosting the body's own inherent ability to heal itself naturally. 

This unique colloidal mineral supplement was derived from an ancient natural plant deposit that was discovered by Thomas Jefferson Clark, in a remote desert region of the American West, nearly a century ago. 

CLARK'S MINERALS has been manufactured since 1926. Tom's exclusive manufacturer for the legendary trademark formulations remains at Hub Research & Development Co.


Suggested Use:

For adults, 2 Capfuls mixed to a glass of water or fruit juice. Take once daily after meal.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size; 1/4 fl. oz. ( 7.5 ml )

Serving per container; 33

Natural Plant Derived Colloidal Trace Minerals; 0.28 g











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