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IonizeMe Maxx 2.5 Powerful 20V Assembled in USA Ionic Detox Foot Bath System

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Upgraded 2022 version of IonizeMe Maxx Foot Bath Detox Machine with an output of 20 Volts and 2.5 Amps!

  • Made in USA
  • 5 years warranty
  • 18 to 20 Volts and 2.5 amps ionization output
  • With a handle on top to make it easier to carry
  • Comes with 30 minutes built in timer
  • With GFCI plug to make it even more water safe
  • FCC Compliant
  • Does not need a wrist strap
  • Curvy and blue metal case
  • Free phone consultation with a detoxification expert 

IonizeMe Maxx 2.5 still like the IonizeMe Maxx but improved and stronger version than Maxx. You can see the accurate 20 volts power and 2.5 amps output on an actual meter display. It has a built-in 30-minute timer and a high/low temperature toggle switch for the optional infrared sauna belt. And it also comes with GFCI plug to make it even more safe. 


NO RISK - Satisfaction Guaranteed! Just enjoy the health benefits of negative ions with our powerful innovation of Foot Bath Detox Machines.


Choose your package now!

Starter Package

  • 1 IonizeMe Maxx machine
  • 2 ionizing arrays
  • 1 large foot basin
  • 25 plastic basin liners
  • 1 Array cleaning and soaking jar
  • 40g Himalayan salt
  • 70g cleaning solution for arrays.
  • Detox Handbook


  • 1 IonizeMe Maxx Machine
  • 2 ionizing Arrays
  • Detox Handbook


ADD an INFRARED BELT - People love it for weight loss and pain relief!

The belt's infrared heat increases the body’s temperature, increasing blood and oxygen flow to a TARGET AREA.  Increased blood circulation helps pull toxins out of injured tissues.  Essentially the Infrared Belt acts like a magnet that draws negative ions to problem areas in order to stimulate your body's natural ability to detoxify itself. 


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